Thursday, April 30, 2009

January - April 2009

We went to Hanford and visited with the family. It was soooo fun!

Jon downsized his shop. We did share a double unit shop with a friend, but he passed away. Jon has moved into a single unit shop and is in the process of setting it up and getting it functional. Our business is holding in this market, and God has been getting our essential bills paid every month. Praise God!

We got a new puppy! She is a Lhasa Apso and is hypoallergenic. Although Caleb is still allergic to hypoallergenic dogs saliva and dander, we are able to manage his eczema as long as he washes his hands after playing with her and confining her to the large kitchen and backyard. I'm sooooo thrilled that my sons finally have their childhood dog!!!!! I didn't think it would ever happen because of Caleb's allergies. On top of it all, this sweet puppy is so calm and non-barky. She is the perfect temperament for Caleb. He gets overwhelmed by loud, jumpy, bitey dogs. Oh, and she was free. A gift from God! The boys love running around the yard with her. She just chases them and runs and plays. It melts my heart.

We've had lots of visitors and celebrations these last few months. Jon and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary and Jon turned another year older. Grandma Jean visited with us for two weeks. She is a special person and she has a knack for making everyone around her feel loved! In March, all of my closest college friends gathered, from here to Washington D.C., to celebrate "The Year of the 30," as we've decided to call it. We had a super weekend extravaganza including a very necessary kitchen birthday dance party and Laguna Beach overnight girls getaway! Laurie was the first, she was my maid of honor, and one by one, every one of us will turn 30 this year. My parents also came down a couple times to visit. They babysat one weekend so I could go to my womens retreat and so Jon could move to his new shop. That blessed me. Thanks mom and dad!