Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September 2009

We added some very momentous pictures for our family into August's photo album. Jon and Jeremy flew to Florida at the end of August to say farewell to their grandfather, who passed away. He will be missed. It was a sad occasion but with a silver lining, as we connected with a whole side of our family, the Hartshorns, for the first time. Thank you all for welcoming us into your lives and we are glad to welcome all of you to our lives. We are excited to get to know you all better.

I started a blog,, to highlight my more recent creations and a few old favorites. If I find the time to make extra anything, I'll start selling them in my etsy shop, an online boutique. I'm teaching myself how to sew and I love the process of stretching my brain to figure out new things. I have plans to dip my feet in photography a little as well. I'm waiting to find out if some equipment is coming my way, and then I plan to take a photography and photo imaging class. My brain is swimming with ideas...

Fall has finally hit us and it is a welcome relief from the heat wave we had. I have been relishing in being cozy and sipping on hot tea throughout the day. The boys have had a round of colds and hopefully won't have any more. Thankfully, Jon and I have avoided most of that so far.

We've settled back into the school routine and Caleb is doing really well. His reading and writing are improving by leaps and bounds. It is so wonderful and he is a delight to teach.Caleb had his outer space/solar system eighth birthday. We turned the backyard dome climber into a planetarium that projected the constellations all around for the kids. They loved it. Jon made "moon shoes" for the kids to bounce and race all over the yard. Caleb's gift from us was a telescope. We set it up and were able to view Jupiter and four of its moons. So cool! After the party he had a sleepover in the backyard with his 2 closest friends. It was a very successful birthday and now my little boy is that much older.

Grandma Jean was with us for a month and we love having her so much. She and Ben spent a lot of special time together. I love the relationship they're building. Grandma Jean also partook at my little birthday celebration, for my 30th, with a few of my girlfriends. We enjoyed the fine delicacy of small chocolate glasses filled with port and almond champagne. Ummm...