Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 2010

March has been a month of God reminding us that He is our provider. He is faithful and true! I write this message as a praise and testimony to the Lord! We have not been paid since about mid-late February. As I write this, we still have yet to receive a paycheck and it is the end of March. Yet the Lord miraculously has provided us with March’s rent! Thank you Lord! The sweet Lord has also been steadily trickling blessings down onto us over the last month and a half, just when we need it; a few bucks found buried in a pile of paperwork, a bit found in my dresser drawer, money from an old debt owed to us, money from returning an unwanted product, groceries bought by my parents, birthday money in the mail, and monetary gifts from Jon’s mom and church. I can’t stress enough how unexpected and in perfect timing all this money is! It is there just as soon as we are down to our last groceries, again and again. I could never have predicted the Lord would work it out like He has. To top it all off, the Lord went beyond necessity and included blessing us with fun! We were treated to Disneyland to celebrate Jon’s birthday, to dinner for our 9th anniversary, and to Jon’s favorite restaurant for his birthday. Thank the Lord and thank all the wonderful people He used to bless us!!!

The kids and I planted a vegetable/herb garden. Dirt, sun, and air are free. Seeds and water are cheap. So far we have planted our first batch of seeds indoors. We can’t wait until they are big enough to transplant outdoors. I hope this plan works and we end up with yummy, home grown veggies and herbs. I don’t have a very good track record with indoor plants. The ones that have survived me are Very (with a capital V) hardy.

Benjamin has been really into dressing up lately. He especially loves the super hero capes Aunt Laura made for Caleb when Caleb was little. Ben has a hard time staying in any costume for more than 2 seconds though. He is constantly taking different costumes on and off and on again, at least until he gets the perfect setup. Then he doesn’t want to take it off for a long, long time.

We have pictures from a field trip to the La Brea Tar Pits. We had a great afternoon. We learned that the fossils found in the tar pits date back to the Ice Age and not to the time of the dinosaurs. We even got to see some archeologists actively excavating. They still have some active sites. A few places on the property have tar leaking up through the ground. Of course the boys loved poking at the tar with sticks.

Caleb did a biography presentation on Buzz Aldrin at his school. The assignment included dressing up and giving the presentation as if he were Buzz Aldrin. It was adorable seeing all the kids in their costumes. We recorded it, but missed the beginning with the video camera. It goes “Hello, my name is Caleb Hartshorn, but today I am Buzz Aldrin...”

I am still waiting on the KOCE website to upload the television program that Caleb and his friend Sam got to be on. It should be soon. I’ll post the clip of them as soon as it is available. More information about their 15 seconds of fame is under our “Older Posts” category in February’s news.