Saturday, October 31, 2009

October 2009

We had a very busy and full month, so there are tons of pictures. Enjoy!

We got treated to a day at Disneyland by our friends who have the magic press pass. Yea! For extra fun, we kept it a surprise from the kids until the morning of. They were so surprised and running up and down the hall shouting with joy when we told them that morning. It was a fantastic day, and Caleb and Ben had a blast! Caleb and his friend Sammy were super brave and went on all the big rides for the first time ever and loved them! Caleb was very partial to Haunted Mansion, which was extra spooky for Halloween. My favorite quote of the day from Ben was when we were halfway through It's a Small World. He looked up at me in wonderment and asked, "Mommy...what is this place?" I said, "It’s a small world honey." Awww…. Oh, and Caleb lost his 2nd tooth in the parking lot when we arrived, so all of our pictures from the day have his sweet little toothy grin. It was such a great day!

We went camping at Palomar Mountain with friends and also checked out the Palomar Observatory. It was a great time. We took our puppy with us for the first time and she did great. Caleb got to have his own tent and snuggle his puppy all night. Great childhood memories being made here.

We got invited to an Alice in Wonderland adults Halloween party the night before Halloween. I worked very hard to make our costumes. If you look carefully in the picture, you can see Jon’s itty bitty top hat too. It was hilarious and my cheeks still hurt the next day from smiling all night long. There were so many amazing and elaborate costumes, but I only posted pictures of a few. I was a Cheshire Cat and Jon was the walrus. As in…the walrus and the carpenter were walking close at hand, the beach was wide from side to side, but much too full of sand…

Grandma Jean arrived for a couple more days before heading back to Texas. She spent a month in Kauai visiting all our family there. She was back just in time for a trip to the pumpkin patch and a nice afternoon. We went to a friend’s house for pumpkin carving and trick-or-treating. Caleb carved his own pumpkin by himself for the first time. Ben requested that his Daddy help him carve a robot pumpkin. He was grinning ear to ear at first, especially at cleaning out the pumpkin guts part, but lost interest very quickly. Caleb was a Clone Trooper and Ben was a Bobble Head Darth Vader. He didn’t want to keep his helmet on from house to house, so we had to keep taking it on and off between homes. Silly Ben. We ending our Halloween night watching Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin.