Thursday, December 31, 2009

December 2009

We had a BIG December. Jon’s brother and his family came for a visit, Jeremy & Julie. They have a 4 year old daughter, Emily, and twin baby boys, Ethan & Shepard, who we finally got to meet!!! We had a very Merry “early” Christmas with them and Granny. We spent a lot of really wonderful time together, including a trip to the zoo and to the snow. It was Emily's first time with snow and she loved it. Ben loved the snow too, but he did not love sledding. Caleb and I used up the little bit of sunlight we had flying and screaming down the hill on our two-person sled over and over. The best part of the day at the zoo was watching the kids run back and forth at the hippo tank being chased by the hippos! We were so glad that our family was in town to see Caleb’s school play. He was the narrator and he and his friends had a great time. After our guests moved on to Northern California to see Julie’s family, we loaded up in Granny’s car and drove straight through to Texas. Our Hawaiian family, Uncle Pete, Tia Val, Anna & Andrew, were out there visiting on their Christmas break. We surprised everyone out there, except Grandma Jean, our co-conspirator. We got to stay in a little trailer that is next to Grandma Jean's house. The tenant was house sitting elsewhere, and was just fine with us staying there. I had a great time with all our family, but I have a special place in my heart for Anna. It was really nice to spend time with her. Caleb couldn’t get enough of Andrew. He just really looks up to Andrew. I am so thankful for that relationship. We all just love Aaron. I really appreciate that guy whenever I’m around him, not to mention all the hilarity that ensues. Xena adjusted very quickly to being a free roaming dog in a forest. Caleb received his first pocket knife and learned how to whittle, shot his first gun, and lit his first match to help the men disintegrate the burn pile that had gotten very large. I am very proud of Caleb and am glad to see him enjoying his boyhood. Anna, myself, and Ben also all got to shoot a hand gun for the first time. Jon found his childhood weapons collection stored in a shed on the land. He left them lying around for Caleb to find and when Caleb did, he asked Jon if those were Raphael’s weapons (the ninja turtle). Jon showed off his skills with the nunchucks and sais for Caleb. Impressed is putting it mildly…Caleb was filled with awe and wonderment with his Dad’s super cool skills. I just laughed.